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National Route Sales Inc.                             Featuring The Number One Route Expert:

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                                                                                                        At National Route Sales Inc. our founder John Mattera has owned Routes,                                                                                                                    Trucking, Distribution and other industries since 1969. John owned many                                                                                                                     Routes,  Master warehouses and other businesses in his 50 years of business                                                                                                                  ownership, John also has an international foot print from importing products.                                                                                                              NRS was created to help buyers better navigate a business purchase helping                                                                                                                  people to better understand the business their purchasing, from a source that                                                                                                                does not make money from your purchase at NRS  does not act as a broker. We                                                                                                            were created to help buyers, not to EXPLOIT their lack of understanding.       

Call us for a FREE consultation to learn what you don't know.

National Route Sales, Does not always work on commission, NRS can also works for a nominal fee to explain what many buyers need to understand.

We explain in an easy to follow process. If retained to consult we do not make a commission from the sale

While NRS will not do your due diligence for you, NRS will provide you with the inside data we are aware of to help our clients create a unique pathway

to their purchase price. We accomplish this by mitigating a buyers exposure to harm and by reducing the cost they pay.         

We can show you how to validate the sellers claims and once you can discuss these uncovered realities you have a better chance to reduce the price if

there are material differentials in the proposed income data. Remember if it sounds to good to be true - its not true and I will prove it is not true and save you a lot of money in the process, don't be taken in by a trusting voice. Call us You'll Be Glad You Did!