SFC-444ABSENTEE - Independent L/Haul   Routes Net $156k+  Staten Island NY. 


 KDC-296 - FEDEX - G/HD  Net - $310k @ $989k Jersey City area NJ

 KDC-306 - Fedex HD - Net $445k  only $1.7Million for sale   in N/East Georgia

​​ LB-1234- Auto supplyNet $200k in 3 days   Only $495k total in Nassau County NY.

 SFC-132 - Absentee - ESTABLISHED Ind.

 L/Haul Net $125k - $259k Boston MA

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National Route Sales 

 LB-0989 Fedex Line - Hauls Net - $550k  only   $1,650 Mil - Middle town area, CT

KDC-​1955 Fedex Line Haul Net $920k only $2,190 Mil In Wood Bridge NJ.

 KDC-299-Fedex HD Fleet - Net $300k  Only $1,129

 Million Located in the Up State NY area

                       ​View the "NRS" best "250" business for sale listings,

      we have many more National listings, ask if you don't see what you want

 KDC-0011 -  Wise Snacks Net $123k only   $249k down on $349k - Bronx  New York

 KD-00060 - Thomas Bread Route Net   $100k  only - $179k - Glenmont NY. Area

  Call 1 800 956 7260
​​​ KD-239- Wholesale Cookie business - Ask   $549k  Net $200k for sale in NYC - NY.

 SYL-1956 - "ABSENTEE" -Amazon L/Haul

 Net $1.5 mil only $5.9 Mil Orlando FL.

 SFC-12311 - Amazon Dedicated L/Haul 

 Net $230k for $639k in South Florida

 MBE-1006- Snapple Route Net $479k 

 only $1.329 million in Bronx NY.

NRS is also know as The Route Builders, NRS has hundreds of routes and access to several hundred more in addition to several creative ways to find a great ROI, return on investment. NRS can direct clients to several start up opportunities. Like all business offerings regardless of Franchises, mom and pop start up businesses and routes either start up or established. all require buyers to investigate what was disclosed. Business offerings change, a buyer must make sure the agreement they sign matches their expectations before signing it.

Remember the contents of all businesses have values and the only item that has an unknown value is a buyers ability to facilitate the business processes. It is their determination that is an unknown component. At NRS we slow the process down, to let a buyer see, the more they see the more they understand and learn. NRS consultants are available to audit external listings, we don't audit our own inventory, if you are looking at another broker and they claim to have audited a business you should hire an independent entity to review the findings.  We NEVER audit our own simply because it would be a biased assessment and an insult to people with brains,  Always check or hire NRS to go over the numbers and industry with you.

The NRS fee for reviewing a business is 1% of the business value that your reviewing or $3,000 which ever is greater. It may be the best money you ever spend. At NRS - EVERY deposit is refundable and for any reason "EXCEPT", if your buying the business,  at that time your deposit my become the NRS sales commission. Its always a good idea to have an expert review your findings, NRS is also know as the Route Experts, The Route Builders and over decades and hundreds of combined years of doing business we know a thing or two.