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National Route Sales Inc. (NRS), we were founded by John Mattera the Founder of (TRS) The Route Store, since selling (TRS) John has focused on running a smaller operation where he works directly with clients.

We (FedEx Consultants) are the number source for buyers in need of answers. Be smart and use us for a few dollars before you need to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

If you want to buy a FedEx business E-Mail us at The simple truth is simple because its a "FACT", unlike other Brokers, we would rather earn consultation fees protecting clients in advance of a purchase then watching them suffer later, be smart and use us now for the answers you need before its too late

Buyers need a real chance to succeed and that comes from getting good information, a broker may say or do anything to make a commission and never look back. 

Our process changes how these cases conclude, we are EXPERTS at uncovering what they do and in today's world of documentation an educated buyer is protected when they know when, where and how to look at finding backwards answers that can gather what is needed to uncover the truth needed to make a recovery possible.