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​​Welcome to National Route Sales Inc.

NRS is a leader in marketing FEDEX routes with listings from coast to coast. We maintain a large inventory with home delivery, line and long hauls and independent routes located all across the country. If your a seller contact us we have thousands of people contacting us every year for FEDEX Routes. With tens of thousands of Fedex routes around the country we seek out retiring owners by using our great reputation for our honesty and transparency.

We are the number one source for buyers and sellers due to our integrity, people sense our honesty and feel comfortable disclosing their needs to us. If you need to buy or sell a business call 1 800 956 7260 or E-Mail us at

A tip to new buyers and sellers to help you avoid problems, GOOGLE a brokers history. Don't become another excuse in a persons excuse pool, a liar will tell others more lies to cover old lies while trying to explain why they did what they did you'll get the picture.

Use caution because some people keep making new lows, using a disabled family member for sympathy and other low tactics, google people because the truth is in the print you see. 

On the positive side of a bad situation you may find humor while your avoiding one of them, by just seeing how desperate and low they become, some even insult you over it. Its best to let people talk, the more they explain into silence the funnier it sounds, lie back say I'll call you back, if one of them attaches itself to you your thank us. If you need to buy or sell a business without a song or dance call National Route Sales Inc., we tell it like it is, listen and decide.