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​  National Route Sales

National Route Sales

NRS, has a relationship with a logistic hub broker that had trucking hubs all across the country. The Hub broker specializes in hub expansion. They add new contractors to fill their trucking contracts.

Contact a logistics specialist today at NRS to learn how you can get into a industry that is unstoppable. Regardless of  the obstruction food and beverages are always  in need and will be delivered as the life blood of the economy.

You can get started with a single truck, some require car carriers, refrigerated trailers, dry trailers and in many cases no trailers. They provide team runs, solo runs, day runs and have Hubs from coast to coast to coast call for a free consultation today.  

NRS has programs to fit every budget, All of the hubs from our Hub Broker have an absentee option where you can invest and a management company will run your day to day operation. The fees can range between 8% to 12%  of the weekly gross income a truck delivers. 


1 Truck package        1 Truck and 1 Trailer the package costs from $169,995 to $189,995 based on the type of trailer

2 Trucks                    2 Trucks and 2 Trailers the package costs from $279,995 to $299,995 based on the type of trailers

The prices stated are for late model vehicles that are 4 to 5 years old, the lower the miles the more the vehicle will cost, newer vehicles are available for about $20,000 more per truck per year. Other added costs would include sleeper trucks and twin sleeper trucks, refrigerated and car carrier trailers are other variables to consider, discuss this with your broker.   

Potential Income ranges

Projected income ranges between $800. a week  to $2,200 a week. Working with a blended average a reasonable net income per truck - $1,250 a week to $1,450 a week for a single truck owner because its only one truck and easier to manage because 2 or more trucks alter the average due to prices per mile rates changing. The more trucks the more the average varies .

The amount of net per truck also varies between no trailers types if refrigerated or dry trailers. The net incomes vary from hub to hub and brand to brand. A no trailer run to a refrigerated trailer run can be $1,000 or more in net to the owner.. Payments from $2.00 a mile and higher and it can be lower. Having a good hub matters just as learning  the process from A to Z also helps even if you allow the hub to manage your business, knowing it all only further protects an owner..

An absentee option would cost 8% to 12% of the gross per week. It is very possible for a 2 truck owner to make $100,000  to $130,000 or more a year by running absentee. These numbers vary and are based on several things from a refrigerated run that can pay an absentee owner $1,800  to $2,000 a week at the same time it can pay less all based on the daily rate per mile..

National Route Sales has a training program, training from the hub for an agreed on period , this is FREE and great for aggressive owners that want to learn everything because an experienced owner manager can make $2,000 to $3,000 a week on some run choices.