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National Route Sales

We specialize in providing management solutions

and finding businesses for our clients. Learn about business search at www.NPLBrokers.com,  NPL is also a Fulfillment company. ​Our consultants still 

own and manage businesses for ourselves and others, we try to educate clients with information. 

Our EXPERTS know what it takes to get a job done. Our mission statements are to answer questions to use transparency and integrity and 

facilitate searches, solutions to provide services, solutions and security for our clients.

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            "National Route Sales" Don't be fooled by copy cats - We guarantee every deposit 

We provide ABSENTEE ownership ​​​ opportunities. Our company was created to manage, guide and find businesses.  We defend clients from rouge brokers that lie,

cheat or steal deposits. We are Honorable, 

informative, transparent and invested. 


Our reputation for integrity, how much we know across industry lines is unmatched in our industry.  We've helped clients like Mohammad Ali, Jordan Belfort , Joey Reynolds and several others.

 ​Don't be fooled by copy cats, National Route Sales is a dot   come unit of NPL Consulting Services Inc, and their expansion   unit.  We are very proud business experts with high integrity.

 We can provide guidance, projections and expert   opinions that   are time tested for all businesses owners.  Let us explain how to   male and share profits, at this time we are  invested  in Amazon.   Snapple, Wise routes or other routes. We are the only The Route

 Guys Inc.  beware of impostors, E mail us for a free consultation @