National Route Sales


 Fedex HD - Net $445k only $1.7Million for sale   in North East Georgia



 Thomas Bread Route Net $100k only $179k   Glen mont NY. Area


 KDC-296       " PRICED RIGHT"

 FEDEX G/HD - Net $310k only $989k total
 Jersey City Area NJ


 Fedex Line - Hauls Net $550k only $1,650   Million in   Middletown area, CT


 Independent L/Haul Net $125k only   $259k   Absentee Boston Area MA.

 Wholesale Cookie business - Asking $549k   
Net $200k for sale in NYC - New York

 Wonder Bread net $93k only $159k total for   sale in Brooklyn New York
We Have Hundreds Of Routes Available Call Us @ 1 800 956 7260 

 SYL-1956           "ABSENTEE"

 Amazon Line Haul - Fleet Net $1.5 million only   $5.9 Million in Orlando Area Florida


 Snapple Route Net $479k Only $1.329 Mil   Bronx - NY.  -  Can be split

 KD-15112    "Only $59k Down"

 UTZ Snacks Net $99k only $179k, this has

 Financing - Trenton area NJ. We have others

 NRS has over 500 businesses for sale across

 the country including our National options.

 Call 1 800 956  7260 to learn more

 Independent Line Haul Routes Net $156k+

 Staten Island NY. 


 FEDEX Line Haul Net $665k only $1,595 Mil  in  the Woodbridge Area NJ.


 FedEx HD business Net $330k asking   $1,129M - UPSTATE - NY Area


 Fedex Line Haul Net $920k only $2,190 Mil

 In Wood Bridge New Jersey

 Wise Snacks Net $123k only $249k down on   $349k for sale in Bronx New York


 Amazon - Dedicated L/Haul Fleet - Net $230k   only $639k total South Florida

 Automotive supply 3 day
Net $200k - Only

 $495k total in Nassau county New York


 Mission Tortilla Route- Net $93k - Only   $149k for sale in Central Massachusetts