Our highly skilled team of professional business consultants have hundreds of combined years of service in many industries and dozens of years                 defending our country around the world.. We boast of having clients like Mohammad Ali, Joey Reynolds, David Zucker and have have been with             Mayor Bloomberg and others that are now life long friends.                                    We've provided professional solutions for over 250 combined             years to companies like, Dietz & Watson,  Florida Natural,                                     Farmland Dairies, Cable Vision, US Fish and Wildlife Service

   the DEC and others. ​Our founder opened and owned master                                  warehouses around the country that all supplied distributors with         products and all of these warehouses functioned like other                                      warehouses from Dietz & Watson,  Florida Natural and Fruti.      ​              We can provide countless references, buyers, sellers, people we manage or help. We have a great repeat business of happy clients that will go to the

   wall for us because we went to the wall for them.

   This is important because it add's millions of dollars to our market value. Our clients know that we do as we say, and we always say what we'll do           this is how we treat all people and situations. Many situations are in search of a solution and we provide solutions to people in need of them. We pay         it forward by doing this and man   y other services for free, we love helping people realize their dreams and that's the best marketing model you can           have, because having integrity is PRICELESS". Please support our Veterans click on the YES logo above!

                          If you want to know what's going on, or if you just want the truth call 1 800 801 5519

          Meet Our Professional Team​  ​ 

    Name                 Experience      Military Service   

   Sylvain Chouen                 32   Years                 Air Force/Disabled

     John Mattera                      46   Years               Navy/Vietnam Combat

     Michael Barry                      50    Years       

      Jean  Richards                      27   Years              Navy/Tonkin Gulf

     Nelson Cruz                           15   Years                Air Force/Combat

     Robert Mosalios                  2     Years              Marines

​     Paul Fergison                     30   Years               Army/Disabled

     Matthew Mattera           10    Years   

     Willie Rodreguiz                  2     Years              Army/Disabled

     Maryann McCulloh         25    Years       

     Cordell Gorden                      2     Years              Army/Iraq Combat

​     Kevin Bradley                     44    Years

     Gene Stevens                     25   Years                US/Navy 

     Larry Bono                            30    Years 

​    Jeffery Steinberg             37   Years                 Active C/G - Officer

    Christopher Kane                 6  Years               Army Iraq Combat Vet